Twice killed

Twice killed.

Looks down, infamous you keep,
indifference and silence
twice murderers,
both without mercy
kill, more cruel
more evil, more ruthless,
of guns bombs
and rifles,
of the ills accomplished,
unfortunately unpunished.

Children, women and old,
all innocent,
victims of silences
yours, not even yours
hearts of your souls,
your conscience,
it does not bring respect.

Victims you are,
not martyrs,
of ferocious beast,
called “Fear”,
with cowardice
nurtured, with selfishness
space does not leave
to healthy courage,
healthy self-love,
and energetic dignity,
to freedom sold off.

Live remain,
in memory of everyone,
if at the hands of others,
surrendered have, their life,
for heroism, or involuntary

Infamous and homeless,
dead, even alive,
in cursed land,
in memory of history
non-existent, for hearts and minds
to slaughter and death,
ghosts forever
from people