The original

The original.

Look for me,
where you can not imagine,
look for me deep inside,
look for me anywhere,
let me hear,
Your wish
and perceive this
I do not know anything about you.

Look for me where there is life,
look for me, where there is love,
look for me where silence reigns
look for me where you want me to be,
look for me with my eyes closed,
where you will find peace,
you will find yourself first,
only then will you have me
My home is serenity,
my essence is your home
you will not see my body,
put your hand on your heart,
here, this is my body,
did you understand who you were looking for,
and demonstrated respect,
not just me, but
to you brother of the human being,
I am the one who loves you
and always loved and
guided by the hand.

Looking for me, you sought peace
looking for me everywhere,
you understood, that no one is different,
all a mirror,
only one original,
if you kill yourself,
shatter the mirror,
and with it all your fellow men,
and the peace reflected in them,
a peace that you all want,
but nobody looks for it,
because you, like the others,
you do not want to look for it,
although always
I’ve always given it to you
and you refused.
Copyright of Antonio de Lieto Vollaro.